About Us

All of this store started since 2012,We made hand made t-shirt,pin and hoodie,inspiration from movie or series that we love♥
normally we made all design from series or movie that we like only but some customer ask about another and
we appreciated to try something new. we can accept custom order If it is to the extent that we can.

Our shop on other places.
(The goods here are the most. Other stores have only a portion.)

SummerIsComingWear on Etsy : Kusuriurisan
SummerIsComingWear on Storenvy
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Me and my friends trade on internet for many years and was open Etsy 5 star shop around 5 years ago.

And we have many way to contact, Email , facebook, twitter , contact page.
Please trust to purchase our products,We do our best to take care of your order. (^▽^)

FB: facebook.com/lokitshirt
Email : summeriscoming.tshirt@gmail.com
Twitter : twitter.com/kasinsummer